Critics have described singer-pianist composer, Oksana Grigorieva as a “rare and unique talent.”  A child prodigy in Russia, she was instilled with a passion for music by her music professor-parents.  Oksana started playing classical piano at age 4 and by the time she was 7 she was writing her own music and performing Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky in concerts.

Oksana showed a flair for evocative melodies and arrangements, ingrained, almost subliminally, from the common practice in Russia of having top classical composers score film and TV shows – even children’s programs.  She would turn the sound down on the TV and play her own “scores” on piano, using the instrument as a one-person orchestra.

The evolution of Oksana’s artistic talents continued after she graduated from university at the early age of 19.  To further her growth, she moved to the U.K. to study at the Royal College of Music and Trinity College.

Though music was her singular passion, her beauty attracted the attention of modeling agencies in London.  While a student in college, in order to pay her bills, Oksana took commercial and print modeling jobs and gave private music lessons, as well as working in public and private schools as a chorus master. During her work as a music and piano teacher for almost 15 years, she created and patented a music program for children.

Despite the fact that her modeling career flourished Oksana always kept her focus on musical training and growth.  She continued working on her instrumental compositions and song writing skills. She composed the music for a few independent films, and also for the stage productions with Gregory Peck and Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave.

To continue her musical evolution, Oksana moved to New York and then LA where she made inroads as a song-writer. Several demo sessions led to her first major break. The impresario, David Foster, discovered her and nurtured her talent. In 2006, Josh Groban recorded her song “Un Dia Llegara” for his album ''Awake.'' Then came Oksana’s first CD, Beautiful Heartache, which received high praise.

Oksana has had many “teachers” from the top ranks of pop music including Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Chrissie Hyde, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.  Added to these were the blues and soul stars that her father had brought into her life. “I was learning from the brilliant music of Ella, Aretha, Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick. I heard all of them in Russia and I've been influenced continuously by their music,” she says.

Oksana has often returned to her native Russia to perform concerts for the children who are victims of Chernobyl. She is a spokesperson for the Chernobyl Children's Project International.  Recently, she was invited by the Wings of Love Foundation, an international charity that battles domestic violence, to write a song for them and to be honored as a courageous survivor of domestic violence.

''My children and my music -- this is what defines me'', Oksana says.  “Children are the most important little people in life and music is liberation,  It's home and it’s safe, no matter what life throws you, be it happiness or sadness,” she says.


"Party" - Single

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